We all have them. Those boxes of photographs from your grandmother’s house, a plastic tote full of your kid’s old report cards and art projects. You might even have a diary or envelope of letters in your desk drawer.

If you’ve decided it is time to finally “do something” with those boxes of family or business documents and mementos you have kept in storage for years, contact me. Not only do I research in existing archives, but I also love to create new ones.

I will organize and preserve your history, by creating an archival collection from your neglected boxes of “stuff”.

Every project is different, but my goal is the same: To transform your history into an archive that is both useful today and beneficial for furture generations.

How creating an archive works:

  • Tell me what you think you have and I will tell you what I can do for you – visit Contact page
  • Develop the scope of the project 
  • Organize + inventory
  • Preserve (physically + digitally)
  • Share (keep it private with family or take it public – it’s your choice)

Gain some peace of mind and take care of your history today.


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