I am a regular contributor to Ramsey County History Magazine. All articles are available online – click the title to open a PDF of the article. The magazine is published quarterly by Ramsey County Historical Society.

Additional articles:

“Hill Family at North Oaks 1883-1893.”  A series of four articles.  Hill Farm Historical Society Newsletter, (2003-2004). Copies available upon request.

“Glacier Park: A Hill Family Affair.”  The Inside Trail, (Fall 2004). The Glacier Park Foundation. Available here.


“Minnesota Governor’s Council on Developmental Disabilities: Forty-Five Years of History 1971-2016.” Nine chronological history articles for their website, Council on Developmental Disabilities. (2016-2017).

“Founding of Clontarf Minnesota.” An overview of Clontarf, a Western Minnesota railroad community settled in the late 1870s. MNOPEDIA, (August 19, 2015).

“Mary Theresa Mehegan Hill 1846-1921.” Profile of pioneer Irish American settler of Saint Paul, Minnesota and wife of James J. Hill. MNOPEDIA, (September 2, 1915).


History of the Philanthropy of the James J. Hill Family. Hill Family Foundations. Private Publication (2017).A comprehensive exploration of the rich history of philanthropy in the Hill family, with an emphasis on the continuing work through the various family foundations.

SEA Winter Salmon: Chronicles of the St. John River tells the continuing story of James J. Hill’s salmon fishing camp in Quebec. Eileen McCormack was responsible for writing the early (1900-1920s), James Hill era history. Linda Leith Publishing, Westmount, Quebec (2015)

Louis Hill comes out of the shadow of his father, James J. Hill, in the extensively researched and carefully written biography,  The Dutiful Son: Louis W. Hill. Biloine Young is the author and Eileen McCormack the researcher for this compelling look at the life of Louis Hill.

Grotto Foundation: Celebrating Fifty Years of Service 1964-2014, written and researched by Eileen McCormack to document the first 50 years of Louis W. Hill, Jr.’s Grotto Foundation. Grotto Foundation, Saint Paul, Minnesota (2014)

The 2012 Year In Review: Margaret A. Cargill Philanthropies documented the first year of the Margaret A. Cargill Philanthropies. Conceived and produced by Eileen McCormack and foundation staff. Self-published for internal use only: Margaret A. Cargill Philanthropies, Minneapolis, Minnesota (2013)


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