What’s a Tazewell?

I think most people who have lived in an old (maybe “vintage” is a more sympathetic term) house or apartment building have wondered about the structure. Who built the place? Why did they build it? Who once lived here? Whatever happened to them?

My daughter and I explore the history of a charming three-story brick apartment building in St. Paul, Minnesota. Constructed in 1918, condemned in the 1970s, and resurrected in 1980, The Tazewell found new life as a condominium in the heart of the Cathedral Hill neighborhood.

Read 100 YEARS AT THE TAZEWELL, my latest contribution to Ramsey County History magazine. Written with my daughter, Aine C. McCormack. 

Photo courtesy of The Tazewell Condominium Association.

This article would not have happened if not for Kevin O’Brien who contributed his memories and musings on the history of The Tazewell. The hallways are much emptier now. Kevin passed away on September 25, 2020.


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