James J. and Mary T. HIll Come to The Celtic Junction Arts Center!

I am teaching a class this March at the Irish College of Minnesota, a division of The Celtic Junction Arts Center in Saint Paul, Minnesota. The course will be conducted on Zoom, which means anyone, anywhere, can attend! I am looking forward to partnering with this fantastic organization.

This class is slightly different from other talks I’ve given or classes I’ve taught on the Hills. I will look at their lives – separate and together – with an eye on their heritage. James and Mary were both children of emigrants from the island of Ireland. How did this fact impact their lives?

From the Celtic Junction website:

This course explores the lives of Saint Paul’s James J. Hill (1838-1916) and Mary Theresa Mehegan Hill (1846-1921). James Hill was a railroad builder and one of the country’s most innovative and influential businessmen. Mary Mehegan Hill, his wife, and equal partner was intelligent, strong, patriotic, pious, and charitable. The class sessions will cover their Irish roots and early years, their life in early Saint Paul, and their philanthropic legacy.

3 Sessions: Saturdays. 1:00-2:30 p.m. March 6-20. 3/6; 3/13; & 3/20.

Payment: $60

You can register here. Please contact me with any questions!

Black and white photo of James J. Hill House

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